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||      WILD NATURE    ||

Malibu Sunset
El Matador Beach
Malibu Sunset
Malibu Path to Sunset
Malibu Sunset
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Lotto Leaves
Amazon River
Titi Monkey
Path through the amazon jungle
Crossing the amazon river
Crack in El Nevado del Cocuy
Cuban Dog
Almost on the top. Nevado del Cocuy
Guacamaya in the Amazon jungle
Nevado del Cocuy's Valley
Little Red Life in Nevado del Cocuy
Climbing El Nevado del Cocuy
View from Nevado El Cocuy
Siecha's Lagoon
Nevado del Cocuy
Peaceful Nevado del Cocuy
Ready to attack
Hiding behind the tree
Bettle in the mountains
Crossing path
Still waiting for you
In the middle of the way
Beautiful Brownie
Falling mountains
Going to the top
Ready to dive
The procession
Looong day
Climb as high as you can
Colors in the mountain
Yellow & Rocky Carpet
Grey & Green
Flying in
Three Musketeers
Where is my chair?
Find me
Just resting...
Hungry for more
King of the Ring
Thinking about you
Don't bother the Granpa
Glowing in the Amazon
Where is my food?
Getting ready for tonight
Donkey face
Grey & Blue
Sucking you
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